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The Guy Morel Institute, launched its Entrepreneurship Centre with the mandate to lead entrepreneurship development in the country. The process of building entrepreneurial culture is to equip people with an enhanced capacity to generate ideas and the skills to take these ideas to market.

Seychelles is a small country with limited resources, therefore, conceptualisation and implementations of ideas and projects need to be done through various partnerships with stakeholders to prevent duplications and in addition to enforce harmony. The uniqueness of Seychelles will be turned into opportunities to attract international attention so that UniSey becomes the regional knowledge hub for specific key areas. Business innovations and entrepreneurship endeavours should be carefully adapted and contextualise so as not to destroy the Seychellois values and culture. The main focus of the Enterprise centre is ‘to make things happen.’   

Needs analysis

After a market research was undertaken to identify needs and opportunities, the following short and medium term priorities were identified:

The Centre will build the entrepreneurship capacity of UniSey.

  1. The Centre will help build a culture of entrepreneurship in Seychelles through capacity building activities.

  2. The Centre will support the development of an Incubation Centre. The main focus of the Incubation Centre is to help new and start-ups to develop by providing services such as updated information, training and support. Also in partnership with the same Ministry, the Enterprise Centre will help to streamline procedures in order to increase the “ease of doing business” in Seychelles and will continue to provide capacity development in entrepreneurship management.  The Centre will also work closely with various partners to make things happen. 

  3. The Centre will lead the development of high level seminars in partnership with the focus to provide education on relevant topics pertinent to Finance and Economic Growth. Also partnering with the Ministry of Finance, the Centre will spearhead the setting up of conference facilities and services. 

  4. The Blue Economy is the upcoming sector of the Seychelles’ economy. The centre will organise workshops and seminars, in partnership with relevant stakeholders, to create awareness about the business opportunities that will be created by the implementation of the blue economy industry in Seychelles.

  5. Tourism remains the main pillar of the Seychelles Economy but the industry is yet to be satisfied with the “Tourism Yield”. The Enterprise Centre will work with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, and other relevant stakeholders, to support the development of products and services which will impact positively on the “Tourism Yield”.  Projects being considered are:

    • Delivery of training programmes to change mind-set, and impart soft skills to employees of the tourism industry;
    • Entrepreneurship skills development sessions aimed at increasing “value-added” products and services.
    • Education Tourism
    • Commercialisation and Culture and heritage

  6. With its relevant partners, the centre aims to increase “value-added” products in the Agricultural sector

  7. To document the work of the Centre so as to develop a source for local literature of entrepreneurship development in the Seychelles.



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