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Getting Enrolled

How to apply for admission to study into a programme

  1. Thoroughly research your prospective programme on our website or visit us

  2. Meet the minimum entrance requirements

  3. Meet the programme-specific entrance requirements

  4. Know the application deadline

  5. If needed, request for references as early as possible

  6. Complete the application form

  7. Indicate if you have any physical and/or learning disabilities

  8. Submit your application

  9. Submit all required documentation (the Institute will not return the documentation)

  10. Pay the application processing fee

Once we receive your application and documentation, you will be sent an acknowledgement email.

Admission Selection

The Institute’s Selection Panel will review your application and documentation and determine if you possess the admission requirements to be admitted on the programme. After admission selection, you will either be accepted, placed on a waiting list or deleted from the programme you have applied for.

If your application for admission on a long programme is accepted, you will receive a formal offer of admission by email. It is important that you read it in full as it contains important information about your offer and any conditions that you may have to meet. It is your responsibility to meet the conditions that are set out in your formal offer of admission.

If your application for admission on a short programme is accepted, you will be provided with a confirmation of enrolment and an invoice.

If you are placed on a waiting list, you will be informed by email. You will be notified of any updates by email. 

If your application has been rejected, the Institute will provide you with a refusal letter by email. The decision of the Institute’s Selection Panel is final.


Registration (enrolling in courses of long programmes)

In order to be enrolled into courses of your approved programme, you would need to confirm your acceptance of the formal offer by submitting the Annex to the Student Registration Office. Any requests for Credit Transfer must be made when submitting the annex. You would need to submit your Application for Credit Transfer together with supporting documents. 

Deferring your enrolment

If you no longer wish to start your programme in the academic year for which you have received an offer or confirmed your admission, you may be able to defer your offer to the next academic year, at your own risk. You are required to contact the Student Registration Office before completing the Request for Deferral form and consulting any other parties such as your employer, sponsor…

Updating your personal details

It is your responsibility to keep us informed of a change in name, address, phone number or email address to guarantee effective communication.

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