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There is a Chinese proverb which says “Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man to Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime.”

Seychelles, a small country with about 95,000 people, holds the position for being one of the best education system in Africa. It is the only African country in the top 50 education system globally.  It is the first and only country in Africa that has fully achieved the “education for all” goal, set by UNESCO.

Education remains a priority sector with the largest share of the budget. The government was to spend the budget allocation at a total of SR 1.18 billion on education in 2020.  Education is compulsory up to the age of 16, and free through secondary school until age 18.  98.9 percent of the population age 15 to 24 is literate.

It is documented in the literature that education and poverty are inversely related.  It is well documented that the higher the level of education of the population the lesser will be the number of poor individuals because education impacts knowledge and skills which is supportive employment and salaries.

So why the poor are poor? Like a tree, poverty has many roots.

At The Guy Morel Institute (TGMI), we believe that personal transformation and Mindset change can be the antidote to poverty to an already “educated” population. We strongly believe that low-income persons with the right Mindset can escape poverty while those with negative attitudes remain poor.  People with a poverty Mindset failed to develop self-awareness and to discover their life purpose.  Such mind-set often gives rise to a belief system that life is full of hardship and scarcity, and often seek for handouts.  

Social assistance, while a short term solution, is disempowering in the long term as it does not transfer the power to the “poor” and do not equipped them with tools to climb the prosperity ladder.  Consistently giving the poor a free meal is like treating the needy as an object of social development.  Social assistance may be seen as a poverty alleviation mechanism but does not provide the poor with economic freedom, and does not empower them to take responsibilities for their lives. 

In line with its mission to catalyse transformation and Mindset change in the country, TGMI has developed a training which will empower people to take personal responsibility for their lives and to stop thinking that anything is owed to them.  They will learn about the Mind-set for success and how to set and achieve personal, professional and financial goals. 

The training will allow participants to:

  • Develop an understanding of the real meaning of poverty.
  • Understand the impact of poverty in one’s life.
  • Explore ways and means of getting out from a state of poverty.
  • Explore methods to help them from falling into a state of poverty.
  • Learn how prepare household budget.
  • How make adopt a more simple and healthy lifestyle.

Ending poverty in our country is a shared responsibility and TGMI pledge to play its role.  Poverty cannot and will not be able to be resolved if we are just basing our policy or action as a matter of kindness. 

This week the Institute had the pleasure of welcoming the Seychelles Qualifications Authority (SQA) Accreditation Team comprising of six team members at its campus for the accreditation visit. It was a week of finding and verification of the Self-evaluation report prepared and submitted by the Institute team.

After 5 days of hard work the Accreditation Team presented its Verbal Report to the Institute staff and board members who were able to attend.  We now wait for the next phase.




The second batch of Youths who have successfully completed the ‘Prepare for Work’ Programme at TGMI received their certificate in ceremony that took place on campus today Friday 31 July.

Attending the ceremony was The Minister for Employment, Immigration and Civil Status Myriam Telemaque, Mrs Shella Mohideen the Executive Director The Guy Morel Institute, Family members of the Learners, sponsors and staff of the instate.

Elicks Rapide, Prishilla ,Kelcy Casime and Nathaniel Cambra received prises for their outstanding performance and effort made throughout the Programme.


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The formal Partnership between The Guy Morel Institute and the Seychelles Employee Transition Scheme (SETS) took place on Monday 27th July at 2:30pm in a short ceremony attended by CEO of ESA, SCCI, SETS and TGMI representatives. As usual, members of the press were also present to cover the event.

The agreement was signed by the Executive Director of TGMI Mrs Shella Mohideen and the CEO of SETS Mr Guy Morel. Prior to the signing, Mrs Mohideen did a presentation on how the two entities will be working together and also on the programmes being rolled out.

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Sets, TGMI partner to provide training for workers made redundant | 28 July 2020

TAGG – Transparency Accountability and Good Governance an initiative of the President of The Republic of Seychelles Mr Danny Faure. The training target managers and leaders in the Public Sector who want to promote good governance practices. The training will allow managers to reflect on their practices, and it should help them to make their work and procedures more transparent, accountable and equitable in terms of decision-making processes, which will increase the public’s trust and appreciation of their daily work.

Today Thursday 25 June is the launching the training for the first cohort and participants are from deferent government offices with various responsibilities.




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