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The Guy Morel Institute Short programme Seychelles. Short courses enables you to fill the gap in work performance. Practical, fun and interactive. Enrol today

Our short courses are skills-based training events, running from two to five days and are designed especially to fill specific ‘gaps’ in work performance. Investing in our short courses is the ideal training solution for the organisation that wants to:

  • enhance work performance
  • have practical, hands on training for its workforce
  • offer refresher courses for its employees
  • provide training opportunities for experienced employees with no formal experience
  • transfer learning from the training room to the workplace
  • have the convenience of quickly training its employees in a matter of days.

Our training also serves to bring add-on value to the organisation through the transfer of learning and the chance to make a difference in the workplace.  The Guy Morel Institute short courses should also improve overall work-related, organisational performance in the following areas:

  • Customer relations
  • Organisational image and reputation
  • Communication
  • Increased successful funding bids
  • Writing and presentation skills
  • Management and leadership.

Our short courses are comprehensive, very practical, fun and interactive making for an effective learning experience. Very clear and specific skills, models, approaches and techniques are covered.

Our lecturers employ a range of methodologies including the use of videos, games, group work, case studies, debate and discussion to facilitate training. The Guy Morel Institute offers full packages for its courses at competitive rates.

Fees are fully inclusive of:

  • Course tuition
  • Reference materials
  • Course notes
  • Assignment tasks
  • Certification
  • All the amenities and hospitality of our beautiful campus.
  • Lunch/Refreshments

In-House Training

Our In-House training programmes have been around for a long time and have been popular with our clients, who have tapped into our expertise in order to provide customised needs-based training for their organisations. Besides the courses outlined in this Prospectus, we have expertise in a range of other areas of Management, IT, Marketing, Accounting and Financial Services, and we have the know-how and experience to customise training to suit the specific needs of your organisation.

Post Training Consultancies

This is a new programme that we have put in place to further support organisations concerned about the Return on Investment (RoI) for their trainees who have attended the in-house and short courses. Our Post Training Consultancy develops a Performance Management System that incorporates the Return on Investment of Training (ROIT) programme. The Institute also offers, on request and for a fee,the following support services:

Training Needs Analysis (TNA or ‘Gaps’ analysis)
A skills gap exists whenever there is a difference between what an employee can do and what he/she should be able to do. TNAs are undertaken to explore skills deficiencies within organisations.

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